Monthly rent includes

All of our rooms are singles and fully furnished (for 1 person) with the exception of double rooms for you and your travel partner.

Rent will vary depending on things like: Neighborhood, access to the subway and other public transport, size and quality of the apartment/house and room, etc. Rent will also vary depending on the amenities you desire including private or shared bathroom, sink, internet, double bed, air conditioning, etc.

For your information, monthly rent includes:

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Use of a private room within the apartment or house.

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Free use of all common spaces in the apartment/house such as the kitchen, dining & living room, balcony & terrace.

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Use of all the kitchen appliances and a separate space in the refrigerator and on the shelves for personal use.

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Either private or shared.

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The cost of electricity, gas, water, internet as well as taxes is included in the monthly. TV with cable is also included in the majority of rooms as well as a telephone to receive incoming calls.

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Weekly cleaning of the room and change of sheets and towels.

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