Check in/ Deposit/ Contract

What’s check-in and When do I do it?

During check-in you will sign the rental contract and pay the concierge fee, remaining 80% of the first months rent & the deposit. This will take place in the house or apartment you are staying in on the first or second business day after your arrival.

What’s the deposit?

The deposit is our way of ensuring that your end of the contract is fulfilled and is equal to a month of rent at the agreed upon price. Your host will hold on to this deposit from check-in to check-out. If there is any damage to the room, the cost of repairing the damages will be deducted from your deposit as agreed upon in the contract signed upon check-in.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

The contract establishes each party’s rights and responsibilities and benefits everyone by outlining the basic conditions of the rent, such as the time and cost of rent. It is a tool to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone fulfills his/her side of the deal.

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